Our Mission

CRH Northwest is built on the cornerstone of strong work ethic, wise decision-making, and improving the quality of life for partners, employees and residents. We achieve above average returns through a combination of value investing and hands-on value creation. Value Investment means tirelessly seeking and taking advantage of mis-priced opportunities located in markets with a history of strong job growth and in-migration. Value Creation is a result of operation and management expertise.

In today’s tumultuous market, we are careful to apply conservative forward looking assumptions, using strict underwriting criteria. Projected occupancy rates, rent rates, and operating expenses are appropriately adjusted for the economic realities, which results in conservative NOI growth and realistic operating costs. Additionally, we valuate using acquisition and exit cap rates typical of historical norms. We stress test our assumptions to such a degree that investments should cash flow even if the market recovery lags for several more years.

Fountain outside our senior living community